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Manufacturer: Ortlieb

Product Information

The ORTLIEB Rack-Pack is a classic piece of waterproof luggage,
whether on planes, motorbikes, boats, trains or bicycles.
It’s a universal holdall bag that has proved its versatility on every continent.
Just as great for the short walk to the gym or the launderette.
The full-width roll closure allows fast access and keeps water and dust outside.
Important: The Rack-Pack in size XL fits perfectly as a dry pack in the “Yak“ cycle
trailer by Bob Trailers or any other trailers.
Note: The end mounted straps with Fastex buckles enable you to combine the
Rack-Pack in the sizes S and M with the ORTLIEB Back-Rollers or Front-Rollers on
the rear cycle pannier. If the Fastex buckles of various models are not compatible,
the matching buckles are available as optional accessories.


Small: 24 Litres Capacity, Height 24cm Width 48cm Depth 24cm Weight 670g

Medium: 31 Litres Capacity, Height 30cm Width 54cm Depth 27cm Weight 760g

Large: 49 Litres Capacity, Height 34cm Width61cm Depth 32cm Weight 910g

XL: 89 Litres Capacity, Height 40cm Width 71cm Depth 40cm Weight 1190g

Yamaha Tenere Photo supplied by Chris Scott. The Rack-Pack featured is the large size.

Product Code: Ort_Rpack

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Me likie

My 59-litre Ortlieb Rack Pack was one of my favourite and most versatile bags. Over six years I used it for moto and 4x4 trips in the Sahara, kayaking off Western Australia, cycling in the Himalayas as well as excursions to Sainsburys and the launderette. I've even used it as a giant bucket for washing clothes in the desert and if full of soft stuff makes a great pillow to sit or lean back on. On all these trips it takes a beating and rolls up clips down easily and securely whether full or half empty. Holes are easily repaired with AquaSeal or duct tape. Dustproof and waterproof up to the point of submergence, it's a simple, zip-free heavy duty do-it-all, all-weather holdall. In yellow it can get grubby but is easy to wash/wipe down and of course dries fast. My only complaint is that the hooks on the carrying strap are a bit feeble and can uncurl with a heavy load, but maybe they've improved that now. You can always use the handles. Sadly the other day I left my trusty old Ort on a bus in Delhi late one night, but will be replacing it just as soon as the need arises. In fact I went for totally submersible Watersheds from the US, but that may be OTT on a bike

Chris Scott :: 2012-06-08 19:52

I like them so much I have a collection!

My first was an XL in yellow, the size is the one I want when we're two up and camping but yellow whilst great for visibility is sooooo the wrong colour for camping in Summer. It is a magnet for flies and becomes a pain. The large size I have in black and this presents no problems. Both have the usual superb quality and build and despite hard use stand up to the abuses of travel very well.

Andy Hobdell :: 2012-05-17 15:35

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